Lipstick Queen Lipstick

You literally can not buy a better lipstick than one from Lipstick Queen. This company only make lipstick, glosses, liners, etc. They only do lips, but they do the hell out of them! There are over 5 different Lipstick Queen lines and more than 50 different shades you can buy! Each lipstick costs $18 - $25 each, and while they are pricey they are worth it. Every single Lipstick Queen lipstick is packaged in a way that looks luxurious and expensive. The wear is amazing. I put on a few layers and it lasts all day long, no reapplication needed!...

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The Real Pushup Eye Liner!

I have a very love-hate relationship with these eyeliners. First of all we have the packaging. I actually like the outward packaging, but as you can see from the image below and to the right, the idea behind this packaging is that you can just draw on the perfect cat eye, while using a gel liner (as opposed to a liquid felt tip pen). But I feel like it doesn't work the way it supposed to. I just have a really hard time getting a clean nice line from this pen. Which is where the effectiveness aspect comes in. The...

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